logo2xFor a very long time I was in search of a low-sugar or sugar-free chocolate that didn’t taste… off.  That wasn’t gritty in the mouth.  That actually tasted and felt like chocolate.  I tried various big candy brands’ sugar-free options but these mostly used sugar alcohols so I was unable to eat more than a piece or two at a time (see my article on sugar alcohols for why).  Then I found ChocZero and my ketogenic life changed forever.choczero-offers-sugar-free-chocolate-that-is-natural-clean

When I first found Choc Zero they only made chocolate squares, in both dark and milk chocolate varieties, which was awesome!  Now however they make so much more, including chocolate bark in twelve different varieties, containing many seeds and nuts that are keto friendly.  They also now make hot cocoa mix and dipping chocolate!


The ChocZero website boldly proclaims:

We all love chocolate. With ChocZero, you can have your chocolate and eat it too! While cocoa offers dozens of health benefits, most of us know sugar does not. ChocZero takes away all that sugar found in most chocolate nowadays and replaces it with a zero glycemic impact, all-natural monk fruit sweetener. Keto and diabetic friendly, ChocZero is renowned for its refined taste and healthy spin. It’s a new chocolate for a new lifestyle.

They also provide this handy chart of the makeup of their 70% cocoa dark chocolate versus an average major brand:


I’m a milk chocolate fan though, so let’s take a quick look at the nutrition facts for their milk chocolate:

ChocZero Milk Chocolate Nutrition Facts

As you can see, even the milk chocolate, which is usually the most unhealthy type of chocolate for you, has a grand total of 4 carbs, 3 of which are fiber.  Only 1 gram of sugar per piece!

Any time I’m now craving chocolate, I turn to ChocZero.  You can find out more about their products via their website, or purchase them directly from their Amazon store.

UPDATE (2017-11-10): Since originally posting this article, ChocZero has changed their milk chocolate formula.  The original formula produced a very good tasting chocolate that melted easily in your mouth and had a very slight gritty texture to it.  The new formula retains the excellent taste however it has a much smoother but waxier texture to it and seems to melt at a higher temperature so it takes a moment to really begin to melt in your mouth.  I personally preferred the original formula but I guess you can’t win ’em all…

UPDATE (2020-04-12): I recently tried the ChocZero pecan chocolate bark and it was AMAZING.  Much of the waxy texture is gone and still the same great taste.  No gritty texture (other than the nuts) too!  Looks like they may have gone back to their old formula, or at least improved upon their new one a bit.

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