Magic Spoon Cereal

Artboard_19_copy_4_1024x1024I have tried many different low-carb and keto-friendly breakfast cereals and granola in search of a comparable experience to that of cereals you would find on the shelf at your local grocery store, and until now, none of them have delivered like Magic Spoon has.  Magic Spoon cereals both taste and feel like normal, crunchy, carbohydrate-rich sugary cereal… except that they aren’t.

The Magic Spoon founders’ story really says it best:

We experimented for over a year to create a cereal inspired by the flavors and nostalgia of Saturday-morning-cartoon cereal but upgraded for a 21st-century consumer. A guilt-free treat that tastes like you remember and you can eat at any time of day.

Magic Spoon cereal currently comes in four delicious flavors (yes, I’ve tried all of them):

  • Cocoa
  • Cinnamon
  • Frosted
  • Fruity

Each 3/4 cup (28g) serving contains 6g of fat, 12g protein, 270mg calcium, and only 3 net carbs.  Starting at 8g carbs per serving, 2g is fiber and 3g is allulose.  The ingredients list reveals a few other sweeteners combined into a “Sweetener Blend”, consisting of allulose, monk fruit extract, and stevia extract.

Those with allergies and various intolerance should know that the cereal contains both milk and coconut, and is manufactured in a facility which processes wheat, other tree nuts, and peanuts.  Magic Spoon cereals are also gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and wheat-free.


How did Magic Spoon create such a healthy and diet-conscientious product that feels and tastes like you’re cheating on your diet you ask?  Suspiciously missing from the Magic Spoon website, but prominently displayed below the nutrition information on the cereal box, Magic Spoon divulges their magic:

Allulose is a rare sugar found in raisins, figs, and maple syrup.  It contains only 10% of the calories of regular sugar and is not metabolized by your body, so it does not affect blood sugar levels — all while having the same familiar taste and texture as regular sugar.

In conclusion, I’ve been looking for quite a while and Magic Spoon is exactly what I’ve been looking for and has renewed my enthusiasm for sweet breakfast cereals.  I eagerly await expansion of their product line to include additional flavors… peanut butter perhaps? (:

If you would like to try all four of their flavors, I recommend purchasing the Magic Spoon variety pack.

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