KeDough Bakery Chocolate Frosted Donuts

choc_frosted_donutI recently discovered a keto-focused food website called KetoFridge which carries a number of keto-friendly products, including a chocolate frosted donut marketed under their KeDough Bakery brand.  Keto-friendly baked goods that are done well are extremely hard to find, so I had to give these a shot and see for myself.  Surprisingly, these donuts were pretty delicious and also had a fairly accurate baked good feel in the mouth, feeling much like a cake style donut.  The chocolate frosting had a slightly gritty, made-from-sugar-granules feel as well, which overall made these to be very satisfying donuts.

These donuts use a combination of sweeteners including Erythritol (a sugar alcohol), Stevia plant, and Swerve.  Even though they contain a sugar alcohol, which are known to cause digestion issues in any significant amount, these donuts did not upset my stomach even when consuming multiple donuts.

Each donut contains a total of 150 calories, has 12 of fat, and 7g of protein.  With a total of 13g of carbohydrates, 7g being Erythritol and 2g being fiber, each donut contains only 4g net carbs.  People with allergies be warned however, these donuts contain dairy, egg, and tree nuts.  Those with gluten intolerance though will be happy to know that these donuts are also gluten-free.

These donuts are sold in packs of four.  Unfortunately, the size of the donuts were a little inconsistent in my pack.  One of the donuts was what I would consider a normal-sized donut in both diameter and thickness.  The other three in the pack, while the same diameter, were about half the thickness of the normal size donut.  I’m not sure if they had just gotten squished in the packaging or were actually smaller, but it was a noticeable difference.

Overall I would say that these donuts make a fantastic sweet treat, especially with an ice cold glass of macadamia or cashew milk.  I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future, and I highly recommend that you try them out if you’re a cake-style donut lover.  You can pick them up directly from the KetoFridge website.


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