Sparkling ICE

Are you addicted to sugary sweet soda but are trying to maintain a ketogenic diet?  If so then your options are slim.  Most major brands make diet and more recently zero calorie options, but BEWARE of these as nearly every one that I’ve investigated uses aspartame as its artificial sweetener.  The next best thing that I’ve found to satisfy a soda craving is flavored sparkling water, and thus far the best tasting of these that I’ve found is definitely Sparkling ICE.

Sparkling ICE Nutrition FactsSparkling ICE provides an extensive line of flavored sparkling waters, teas, and lemonades.  All of Sparkling ICE’s products contain 0 calories, 0 carbohydrates, lots of B vitamins, and uses one of my preferred artificial sweeteners, sucralose.

I get some serious soda cravings when I eat certain foods, like pizza and burgers.  When I need a sweet soda with my meal, I grab some Sparkling ICE.

You can find out more about Sparkling ICE’s products on their website, or purchase at Amazon.

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