SKINNYme Chocolate

j9fozn2After ChocZero changed their recipe (see updated post here), I decided to try and find some other sources of keto-friendly chocolate and came across SKINNYme.  They don’t have as many options as ChocZero and unfortunately no milk chocolate (my favorite) but I decided to give them a try anyway as they have a free trial.  They describe their chocolate as “Zero Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Net Carb Dark Chocolate”.

step2_flv_tmb5For my free trial, I chose the Dark Chocolate Strawberry squares and they are quite delicious.  The feel and consistency of the chocolate is only a little bit waxy, they melt in your mouth easily, and they have really excellent dark chocolate flavor with a hint of strawberry.  Note here however that the free trial signs you up for a subscription, and if you don’t cancel after your free order you will begin receiving the same product on a monthly schedule.

skinnyme_chocolate_nutrition_infoThe downside to this particular brand of chocolate is that they unfortunately use some sugar alcohols alongside some natural and artificial sweeteners, so if your stomach is sensitive to sugar alcohols then beware.  I can personally eat about four of these before noticing any effects to the digestive system as the amount of sugar alcohols used is relatively low.

SKINNYme produces chocolate truffles as well as the chocolate chocolate squares detailed here.  While the overall product selection is small (two types), these two products have a very good selection of flavors to choose from within them.


In conclusion, I’ve found SKINNYme chocolate to be a solid contender in the sugar-free/low-carb chocolate space and has become a permanent addition to my candy bowl.  You can find and purchase their products here.

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